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On this website, you can ask for partial fursuits (head, handpaws, feetpaws and tail) or full ones.

To know the prices of a commission, you need to read this part: "PRICES",
To see photos and examples of what I've done, go here: "GALLERY",
I strongly recommand you to read the "TERMS OF SEVICE" before asking anything,
To contact me or ask for a commission, read this: "CONTACT",
And if you have questions, read this page: "FAQ".

Commissions status

Currently, the commissions are: CLOSED
Please, check this list before asking a request:

Remaining slots:

0 Fullsuit(s)
0 Partial(s)
0 Head(s)
0 Hands
0 Feet
0 Tail(s)
0 Body(ies)

If the commissions are not open, your request will not be accepted, no need to insist.
I only work on two commissions at once, so if you're in 3rd place you will have to wait until I finish one of the two other ones before I start yours. You can see your place in the list of requests below. If your name is not in there despite you contacted me just wait a moment, I don't actualize immediately.

Pseudo Request % Paid % Done Step Current
Nyx Head 100% 99% Head Sending
Koreasayoja Fullsuit 78% 30% Head Details
NeoxTheFox Partial Suit 82% 15% Head Furring
Sheycra Fullsuit 0% 0% On hold

For Sale

Everything here is for sale.
You can see the auction by clicking "See the auction" under the image.
You can see a larger photo by clicking on it.
Contact me if you want to buy the product directly at the price indicated on the auction website.

There is nothing for sale right now.

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